Author: Dave Raine


As we get older can we say ‘we have had a life of service’, ‘given a cup of kindness’ or supported and encouraged someone? It brought it home to me, relating to one of the key events in my life, when we read about St. Paul going to Rome, and he was shipwrecked and helped […]


Separation must be one of hardest things to endure for a husband and wife and family. They have to face situations , through war, being away for work, out of fellowship, divorce, going off to university, hospital stays etc.. We have seen two of our close friends face the hardest situation of death of a […]


Are you making a good pace in life towards your vision? Some of us over 50`s need a pacemaker, or a heart bypass, or a stent to keep us going. As we get older there are major hurdles that we continually have to take steps to overcome. Things we are going through: ill health, moving […]

Who Are We?

We are all body, mind and spirit connected to a family. There have been lots of programmes on TV , the 100 years anniversary of the first word war, computer links, as well as local computer and history groups all enabling us to learn more about who we are and find lost family members. Personally […]

Passionate or Passive

In a materialistic society what interests you most, what and are you passionate about?; Football, food and drink, theatre and music, fishing, gambling, holidays, internet/computing, Jesus Christ, money finances, etc. Or are you Passive about; Religion, politics, watching TV, motor racing, going to bingo, volunteering, Facebook, Twitter, etc? Whether we are old or young we […]


‘Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures for ever’ We all enjoy a good melody that lifts our spirits into worship whether Sankey Wesley or Kendrick depending upon our taste it does not matter as long as our heart and attitude are right and we are honouring God At a recent meeting with good praise […]