Author: Ian Bartlett

Give us your money!

If you happened to be walking along your high street and all of a sudden someone accosted you and said with menace “Give us your money!” I would like to think that you would not be intimidated and your response would be “No!” and you would, out of concern that this might happen to someone else, report the matter. […]

The pressure to provide

I can call upon my own experiences when I say, that especially around the Christmas period the temptation to gamble was at its greatest. There can be many different contributing factors to this but I will briefly touch on one. “The expectation and pressure to provide” For some this can be the catalyst that plunges […]

Enough is enough

In 2005 the Government in the UK opened the door to gambling becoming “an acceptable leisure activity”. I was a gambler for 40 years and believe me when I say that when you are in it, you don’t see the potential harm caused to some vulnerable people until you step back you see it for […]