Separation must be one of hardest things to endure for a husband and wife and family. They have to face situations , through war, being away for work, out of fellowship, divorce, going off to university, hospital stays etc..

We have seen two of our close friends face the hardest situation of death of a partner just before Christmas. Others who have had to make very difficult decisions related to jobs, retirement, education and a calling to progress their careers .
There is no choice with death, but at other times we have to weigh up the choices we make and the consequences separation will bring.

As we see things round about us change we try and look at things in a balanced way., We can keep our minds active, and know we should exercise and have a good diet for our bodies but spiritual things are not always that easy.

The recent events in Paris have highlighted the cultural differences that exist in the world today. Freedom of speech has brought unity of the world leaders marching together instead of separation .

When last did we talk to someone about mediation, prayer, a rhema word, quote from the Bible, or God’s love, in our materialistic world ?.

Trust pray and that we do not lose the Love of God in our lives to help us through separation.

Rev 2:7 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”