Author: Keith Harper


“Men’s Retreats” may be a thing of the past if a trend to call them “Men’s Advances” takes off! This spring men from my Dutch expat church (APCH) were again kindly invited to share fellowship, discipleship and worship with a similar church in Surrey (ICC). Initially there was a lack of take-up our end but […]

ID Check

Summer may bring the opportunity to cross borders and visit foreign lands. If you are based in the UK this means border controls to enter or leave the country where someone checks your passport. However, being based in The Netherlands, and holidaying in Italy by car recently, I crossed Dutch, Belgian, French, Swiss, German and […]

Lent Well Spent

“Get a house group going this Lent.” was the exhortation from the pulpit at my church eight years ago.  I did and the mixed group I started is still running and healthy. Being an expat church group the membership changes every year and only 3 of the 10 original members remain but I thank God […]

New Beginnings

New Year, new beginnings! It is not uncommon that some time between 35 and 55 there comes a point when the search for success gives way to the search for significance. Whether climbing the corporate ladder has proved exhausting, fruitless, pointless or successful and rewarding; or the rung you were standing on has been cut […]

Taking a Stand

Do you find it easier or harder to take a stand as you become older? Should we become more accommodating, more understanding or more bold in our faith? I was a member of an industry-networking group. The demographic of the group was 50-plus, male and all were professional and some very highly respected in their […]