Author: Keith Harper


When you’re 50+, if you haven’t already, sooner or later chances are you’ll hear new expressions from the medical profession relating to your body’s decline. For me it’s my bones, specifically my knees. I have run all my life and love to be jogging on the beach or in the woods or even the mindless […]


“Men’s Retreats” may be a thing of the past if a trend to call them “Men’s Advances” takes off! This spring men from my Dutch expat church (APCH) were again kindly invited to share fellowship, discipleship and worship with a similar church in Surrey (ICC). Initially there was a lack of take-up our end but […]

All for one and one for all!

Our pastor resigned yesterday. He’s off to be a chaplain at Wheaton College in Chicago. Wonderful opportunity for him of course, but he’ll be greatly missed. When you’re 50+ it appears to me that transitions seem to happen faster and faster; even more so in an expat community when some 30% of the congregation changes […]

Our Fathers

Is it possible to overstate the importance of a father? My father is 85 and finally showing his age as he copes with failing physical and mental abilities. Old age is not for the faint-hearted. Living overseas means that I cannot be with him as much as I would like but I think of him […]

ID Check

Summer may bring the opportunity to cross borders and visit foreign lands. If you are based in the UK this means border controls to enter or leave the country where someone checks your passport. However, being based in The Netherlands, and holidaying in Italy by car recently, I crossed Dutch, Belgian, French, Swiss, German and […]