Who Are We?

We are all body, mind and spirit connected to a family. There have been lots of programmes on TV , the 100 years anniversary of the first word war, computer links, as well as local computer and history groups all enabling us to learn more about who we are and find lost family members. Personally our family records go back over 400 years, after that your names have to be recorded in the Lord of the Manors records, and that is difficult to find and follow.

Our bodies can be kept in trim by walking going to the gym or having regular exercise. Not always altering the features of the generational likeness as shown photographs. (‘Isn’t she like her mother’).

The mind boggles at the DNA profile which can now tell us where in the world we originate from. With help of the internet, the local libraries and various historical groups we can build an intellectual picture of our past and potential capability.

With our spiritual ancestry it’s different. We may be able to find out how part of ‘church’ history might have been influenced by a member of the family, and we learn from their example. However our spiritual walk is a personal one starting and finishing with us.

We need that introduction to Christ. The Bible gives us his genealogy , and examples of how to live our lives with the Holy Spirit to be our guide. There is no pressure of looking up and finding personal records but know that our spiritual father listens to and answers prayer to guide us through a new life with unlimited ancestry and his healing power to mend broken relationships

Authors Note
I had more or less completed the above and wondered what scripture was relevant. Then I read my daily reading, Bible in One Year , which the following was part. Ancestry is only mentioned once in the New Testimony.

One who has become a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.” Heb 7:16: