Are we communicating and speaking the same language on a day to day basis to the people we meet? A good starting point for thinking about spreading the gospel. With a friend a few years ago we stared to have a coffee and share about how to operate an iPaq. From this evolved a Churches Together computer group which continues to help people .


A Computer and Phone IT group has been meeting in our church cafe weekly for 4 weeks. Meeting together to try and keep up to date learn from each other about laptops, computers, phones and tablets,. People are interested who don’t understand this new technology, but want to learn at their own pace .


We are looking at learning more about internet shopping, Face Book, Twitter, Anti- virus, Blogs, down loading a bible App. and other areas suggested by the group. With a personal touch, we learn more allowing us to communicate better with family, friends ,missionaries and other areas in our lives. Allowing us to reach out with God’s love, with a Christ like vision. to serve the people we come in contact with


Passing on a vision and keeping things fresh in a joyful way is not easy. As with modern technology and spreading the gospel we need confidence to pass on. We have found the best way and learning and helping each other is on a one to one basis. A challenge to do this is by developing Christian lead groups on church premises such as a café with Wi-Fi, art classes, photography groups, cell groups, etc. running in parallel with the secular keep fit, music groups etc. Out of something new and challenging one of the fruits will be if it brings new people into the ‘church’ ?