‘Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures for ever’worship

We all enjoy a good melody that lifts our spirits into worship whether Sankey Wesley or Kendrick depending upon our taste it does not matter as long as our heart and attitude are right and we are honouring God

At a recent meeting with good praise and worship there were restraints of being allowed to worship. The was a plan to share from the word , have a good testimony, pray together, sing, praise, worship and finish on time. Elements of the service would be relevant to some people but I missed out as the leader seemed to want keep to the programme

It easy for our minds to wander in church, remembering things from work, or just the person next to us. King David is a phenomenal example, of someone who worshiped with the whole of his being. We do not see many examples like his that we can follow these days.

They are also different ways seeing Gods handy work through the beauty of flowers, stunning scenery, quietly reflecting , or listening to music. Each way helps us to worship as a unique individual, to come into His presence .

Are we missing out?
It should be relatively easy to go to meetings, services or our special place, and make worship an integral part of our lives. Take away the materialistic things of life we think we want , not what we need. Be refreshed and have our spirits lifted up to enable us to affirm the vision God has given us through Jesus’ example to worship the one true God.

Get rid of the clutter, focus on what matters, let the holy spirit renew our minds and focus on what God wants from us to worship him.