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Men and Mental Health – Let’s Talk (Pt 2/2)

I’m assuming you’ve clicked on to this second blog as you’ve read my first one entitled “Men and Mental Health – Let’s Talk”. If you have not read that I would recommend you do so before progressing any further! Referring back to the ‘Masculinity Report’ carried out by the wonderfully named, “Campaign Against Living Miserably” […]

You’ve got time.

I was on the train recently, going through the normal process of checking emails, bit of light reading and staring with glazed eyes out of the window as I travelled backwards into London. ‘If you’ve got time to worry you’ve got time to pray.’ A group of Asian students had got in the same carriage […]

Risk Averse or Risk Taker?

Some years ago, I earned a living in the Business Continuity (BC) industry, perhaps more commonly referred to in the early days as Disaster Recovery (DR). In fact, the emphasis initially was on how businesses would recover from an unplanned outage (disaster).  This meant that DR was a set of policies and procedures to enable the recoveryof a […]


On Monday 25thMarch I reached the ripe old age of 50. I cannot believe how quickly this has happened, seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st, (not that I can remember much from that evening, but that is another story……..).  Turning 50 has actually been a joy, and I certainly do not feel […]