Author: Andy

9 Signs That You Might Be An Intellectually Dishonest Atheist

“Reality is a cocktail of fantasy” Micah Purnell. We lie to ourselves all the time. I lie to myself about how good-looking I am. I like to imagine that ‘I’ve still got it’. And then I walk past a reflection of myself that I wasn’t expecting to see, and before my brain has chance to […]

Bible Contradictions: Part II

Here we are then, with another exciting instalment of supposed Bible inaccuracies. This week we’re looking at some of the questions posed in the book of Mark. Woohoo! Mark 6:5 – Why couldn’t Jesus do mighty works? Problem: If Jesus is God, ‘with all authority in heaven and earth’, why is it that he ‘could […]

Bible Contradictions: Part I

At face value, the Bible can seem to be full of contradictions. When people level this at us, we need to take them and it seriously, so let’s see how we can respond. We shall start with the first book of the New Testament. There’s lots to choose from, so let’s look at some of […]

All Religion is Brainwashing

This blog contains (Jesus loves you) a hidden message. One of the major assaults on Christianity from the heated world of the internet is that, along with all the other religions, it is set up to brainwash people (usually young, vulnerable people) into the unquestioning belief that our particular institutional power system is true, morally […]

What The Bible Says – Part I

Recently, a mate and I were watching a game of Rugby Union (it’s like American Football, but without the need for a Kevlar vest. It’s also different in that, whereas American Football has Miley Cyrus singing in the half time break, Rugby Union has a guy in a cagoule shouting out raffle numbers.) Anyway, the […]