As we get older can we say ‘we have had a life of service’, ‘given a cup of kindness’ or supported and encouraged someone?

It brought it home to me, relating to one of the key events in my life, when we read about St. Paul going to Rome, and he was shipwrecked and helped others to survive. The boat had 276 people on board. I can equate to the situation as a guardsman in National Service being one of about 200 soldiers, on the troop ship Devonshire, sleeping in hammocks, going across the Bay of Biscay. The smell of vomit, dysentery and sea sickness having its effect all in a confined space, always stays with you.
We also serve being employed, a member of an organisation, and having the right heart, being thankful servants. As we mature we can see how the roles are reversed and people have served us when we were, charge hands, managers, company directors, church leaders, trustees etc.

Whatever the position we have held or are asked to undertake we are all servants and it’s the quality of serving that matters. I wonder what the next challenge will be? I hope that I can listen to the Holy Spirit, as Paul did, to serve in order help others.