Author: Eddie James


God created the universe and He made man in his own image……. this is mind blowing! Therefore may I suggest that we think outside of the box and focus on how each one of us could be more creative this week. This may be with our hands such as photography or gardening, Churchill relaxed by […]

Trickle Down

In 2011, 60% of the world’s 1 billion ‘extremely poor people’ lived in 5 countries- India, Nigeria, China, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This statistic indicates that ‘trickle down’ is not a very effective agent of economic development! From my own experience of working in the developing world as a civil engineer I […]

A Weapon of Peace

A Roman soldier saw a beggar by the roadside on a cold day, the soldier split his cloak in two with his sword, and gave half the cloak to the beggar. The soldier became the first `chaplain` as this was the word for cloak. Today we have chaplains in the military, in hospitals, in universities, […]

Church Without Walls

The fastest growing churches are the ones without  ‘walls’, the New Testament church, the persecuted underground church in China, the Pentecostal church in South America and parts of Africa. They have no buildings, no institutions, no professional leadership, but they have the body of Christ involved in all spheres of life. In Africa I have […]