Author: Bob Fraser


As we strive to reverse climate change and save our planet, tree planting’s become a big thing. If you are a follower of gardening programmes, you may have picked up a tip when planting a new tree to provide a stake fixed at an angle pointing in the direction of the prevailing wind, but that […]


Have you ever had that experience in life when you feel you’re just going through the regular routine and not really focussed, not fully present in your own life? A bit confused maybe? A bit lost? I don’t suffer from sleepwalking but I was interested to read that when people sleepwalk, their eyes are usually […]

An Unseen Story

There are many conspiracy stories around at the moment, and many people believe them yet have no evidence to back up that belief. Others would say that seeing is believing, and unless there is indisputable evidence they won’t take a risk. Yet, what we believe can determine the path we choose and the way we […]