Author: Roger Leitch

The Play Button

My nostalgic side has been over stimulated recently. There has been an interesting TV series “Back in time for the weekend” which started with the 1950’s through to the present. It showed how much technology has changed our lives over a few decades. The speaker at our church a few weeks ago began his talk […]

Making Friends

Recently Rick Warren posted an article on his Facebook Page called “Why I do what I do” which was summarised as a life-long call to “Reach one more for Jesus”. He explained his approach: “My definition of “Reaching one more for Jesus” is this: You build a bridge of love between your heart and theirs, […]

Toms Story

Alan Scott is the Lead Pastor at Causeway Coast Vineyard who has written an article called “We are losing a Generation” I recommend reading the whole article (link at bottom), because Alan challenges us to not only look to the young in our churches but also to the older generation. The following is an extract […]