Where have all the faxes gone

Over the years the methods of communicating messages are always changing. With a clear vision so that we know where we stand, and what we stand for we need to pass it on. Then I thought where have all the fax’s gone?  It was for a season and we hardly use them now.

It’s the same way with hammer and chisel, papyrus scowls, quills, pen and ink, typewriters, ballpoints, and other means of writing all seem to have a natural progression.

What do we have at present it is a minefield to convey a message with Dongles, ISP, Bit’s , USB’s, Tablets, Bugs, Blogs, Apps. iPads. iPods ,etc. all to help us !!!! Then all we have to do is communicate through email, the web, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or just write a letter.

Then I thought what is the most important thing they were transmitting. It must be the basic spiritual and guide lines for life the ten commandments. As we read in Exodus Moses wrote them on tablets, given to him by God. The tablets are here a again as part of our arsenal.

We are blessed that we now can carry a full bible with us all the time on our mobile phones , lap top computer and like Moses on Tablets. When we have time we can forward a word in season or bible verse to encourage someone.

How will I know that the Holy Spirit has spoken in what to do? Particularly when we use this new technology ? Or by the Lindisfarne gospels written in 970AD which has drawn the crowds in Durham cathedral this year?

Trust and pray for there is no other way, have faith, do it. It will produce the result that God wants.