Passionate or Passive

In a materialistic society what interests you most, what and are you passionate about?; Football, food and drink, theatre and music, fishing, gambling, holidays, internet/computing, Jesus Christ, money finances, etc.

Or are you Passive about; Religion, politics, watching TV, motor racing, going to bingo, volunteering, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Whether we are old or young we prioritise what we do through listening, email, tasks, lists, phone calls, writing, talking, reading, watching etc. These actions allow us to move our interest and calling from being passive about something to being passionate.

There is always a will to find the way. The newness of that phone, computer, car, there is no need to hear that word of encouragement our expectations rise. Transferring those expectations to allow our Christian walk to top the priority list can be helped by

  • Praying – Keep our prayer task list up to date
  • Bible – Use an App and have it with you all the times
  • Fellowship – Join an active Christian group and share testimony

At times I feel as the man in Act 2:17 old men will dream dreams, and find it hard to get motivated

Then we read what Paul wrote, ‘We are fools for Christ…’ (1 Corinthians 4:10 NIV). God uses radical people who don’t care how they look: people who’ve survived difficult pasts, defied the odds, held onto their vision, and declared, ‘My God is able!’

Together we can each be one of those people