The pressure to provide

I can call upon my own experiences when I say, that especially around the Christmas period the temptation to gamble was at its greatest.
There can be many different contributing factors to this but I will briefly touch on one.
“The expectation and pressure to provide”

For some this can be the catalyst that plunges them into desperate measures.
This is where gambling can seem to be an attractive option to ease the financial burden and a time when the gambling industry are quick to take advantage of all the tools available to them, through advertising on T.V., mobile devices, and computing technology. Unfortunately those who have very little can be enticed as they see this as a way out, a way to provide for the demands put on them.
Of course gambling is not a way out, but it often lures people into a false believe that it will be the answer, in reality, it more often leads to, family breakdown, debt, poverty, mental illness, crime and attempted suicide.

As Christians we can make a difference, in fact we are called to do so. We are the salt of the earth and a light shining brightly.
Look out for your fellow Man, if you have suspicion that someone is having problems with gambling, then visit the Gameserve website and click on “Need Support link” which will lead you to organisations that can give you expert advice.

Here are two interesting facts

  1. In the UK in 2005 The Gambling Act classified gambling as a “Legitimate Entertainment Activity”
  2. In 2013 for the first time, the U.S. Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders recognised gambling as an Addiction, putting it on par with Drugs and Alcohol.

I would like to acknowledge publicly the support that CVM have given to me personally and Gamserve, it has been very much appreciated.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas
Ian Bartlett, Gamserve