A Bit of Fun?

The gambling industry are extremely adept in enticing men to participate in what they claim is only a bit fun.

My personal experience causes my opinion to differ but for one moment cast aside my 40 year experience as a prolific gambler. Let’s look at the evidence:

When the Fun stops STOP” is a well known footnote on most gambling adverts. It’s very clever by firstly claiming that gambling is fun. Then putting the onus on you to stop. A subtle message that the industry does not take responsibility?

It at no point warns the potential customer of the consequences of gambling such as debt, hunger,family breakdown,mental illness and possibly suicide.

A few facts about targeting and advertising:
The gambling industry has spent £1.4 billion on advertising since 2012.

In total the gambling industry spent £312 million on adverts last year a 63% increase compared with 2012.

A new report shows problem gambling up 50% in 3 years.

Betting companies top the list of donations to M.P.s. Ladbrokes Corals appears 15 times in most recent list of donations to M.P.s. Why?

The betting industry is explicitly targeting people on lower incomes and ex gamblers and increasingly Men are being enticed and targeted .
I have spoken to many men affected by gambling. It doesn’t seem like fun to me.


Image Credit: John Schnobrich