Step out and take a Risk

I started a new job in July 2011 in a warehouse factory and I was praying “Lord use me to reach these Men”

It started when I put scripture cards on the mirrors in the gents toilets, and people started to ask, “What are these?” A good opportunity to share my testimony and I did. Then I put ‘Why Jesus’ leaflets on the worktops. A few people were puzzled. Some started to read the content and they approached me to explain and I obliged in a way that I thought that they would understand.

I was able to give my testimony and explain how Jesus had transformed me. After that an opportunity arose for me to give my testimony to the Deputy manager. He said “Ian I have a real bad neck and I have booked to go and see the world darts.” I said, “You know, Andy, that Jesus loves you and I will pray for your neck if you want me to.”
He agreed to this.

I went to work on the Monday. Andy just looked at me and then proceeded to turn his head, this way and that. He had been completely healed! Word does get around pretty quick in the factory because a couple of weeks later the Manager said he wanted a word with me in his office. I wondered what he wanted? He told me he’d had migraines for years and asked if I could help him like I did for Andy.

I said, “I can’t do anything but I know Jesus can. I can pray for you Dave but I want you to know that Jesus loves you.” I prayed for him and as a result his symptoms eased.

I have had the opportunity to distribute bibles and give advice to lots of Men at my workplace. I also believe God has greatly blessed the business at the warehouse factory, in many ways.

You see if I had not stepped out and taken a risk I would have failed to discharge what the Lord has given me. Go on take a risk!