Give us your money!

If you happened to be walking along your high street and all of a sudden someone accosted you and said with menace “Give us your money!” I would like to think that you would not be intimidated and your response would be “No!” and you would, out of concern that this might happen to someone else, report the matter.

Are you aware that each and every day in your high street someone else is doing exactly the same thing but they are very subtle in how they approach you? They won’t approach you with menace. They will use more sophisticated methods to lure you. By appealing to human nature they seem to offer something for nothing they even say participating is fun and you can do it with your mates. Of course this is False.

I am of course talking about the Gambling industry. As I write this, over the next 3 days in London a whole host of countries from all around the world are participating in a gaming industry event with the sole purpose of showing off the newest developments to the industry.

This industry does not stop in its ever increasing appetite to take the money out of your pocket and put it into there’s. Don’t be fooled that its anything but that.

We can make a difference in this area and in fact we are called to do so. I encourage you to lift this up to the lord in prayer, he hears those who are crushed in spirit, isolated, lonely and suffering.