Studying Apologetics Online

Apologetics is a key tool in sharing the Christian faith. That’s why we’re keen on it here at the Demolition Squad. When Christians give a defense of the hope that they have (1 Peter 3:15) they are providing reasons for belief in Jesus Christ. Many people questioning Christianity have good questions that should be met with good answers. The apologist seeks to provide good answers to people to remove obstacles that would prevent people from coming to faith in Jesus.

A great way to learn how to tackle these questions well is to take a course in apologetics. But for many of us it’s not practical to take time off work, or attend evening classes. This is where the RZIM Academy come in.

RZIM bring a talented international team of apologists together who have been travelling the world, teaching, equipping, and defending the faith in churches, universities, business, and government settings. By bringing this course online RZIM are opening up their wealth of experience of skills to a wider audience making it easier for Christians to learn and grow in this area.

As an online course the RZIM Academy offers you the chance to learn at a time that suits you. There’s fresh content each week to be absorbed but when you do this is up to you.

Key Features

  • 12 week core-course
  • 26 lectures provided from trained and experienced apologists
  • Online discussion forums and blogs
  • Study on your own schedule each week

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