What it says on the tin

The winner of the Yorkie Bar prize for naming the CVM ’50 plus group’ was Keith Harper from the Netherlands … he wisely suggested that we keep it as it is – 50 Plus –

“it does exactly what
it says on the tin”

Our thanks to Roger Leitch, Mike Stenbrook, David Entrican and Oliver Street who gave some good ideas and encouragement.

The message that I keep hearing from lots of guys who want to reach the ’50 plus’ is what Jesus said, “… go and make disciples …”, this means both being discipled and making disciples: we are talking about small groups of 3 or 4 men meeting up regularly to encourage each other and gradually develop their gifts. This is a command of Jesus and not an option.

If you would like to share your experience on this theme, please contact me on eddie.james@ cvm.org.uk or make comments on the blog.

God bless you, Eddie