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What I believe….

I am a Christian. I believe in a magic sky clown that makes everything happen. Everything that happens is His will. Sometimes bad things happen, but that’s because He moves in mysterious ways – says so in the Bible. I believe that this magic sky clown came to earth as a Jewish Zombie to tell […]


There is a man who stands in the town centre. He has done it for years. This photo is his latest sign. What do you think? I mean, technically he’s not wrong is he? But is it the best emphasis given all the richness there is in God? Do we want to see half-hearted converts […]

The Bouras Bulletin

After a wholesome fortnight of Olympic sport, the juggernaut that is Premier League football rolled back into town as if it had never been away with the start of the 2012/13 season. Yesterday champions Manchester City came through a sticky second-half against Southampton, winning 3-2 after goals from Ricky Lambert and Steven Davis had put […]