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Help for fathers

This week, ‘Beat’ launched an online support group for fathers of people with eating disorders. The struggle of seeing someone you love in turmoil and being unable to fix it for them – it’s an all-consuming battle for everyone involved. And as is often the case in these situations, support for fathers is hard to […]


Separation must be one of hardest things to endure for a husband and wife and family. They have to face situations , through war, being away for work, out of fellowship, divorce, going off to university, hospital stays etc.. We have seen two of our close friends face the hardest situation of death of a […]


Ian Bartlett kicks off his first blog on the theme of gambling and shares from his experiences about the danger it can be to us. Growing up I never went to church and my parents were not Christians, My fathers church was the pub and the Bookmakers and like father like son I was to […]