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‘Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures for ever’ We all enjoy a good melody that lifts our spirits into worship whether Sankey Wesley or Kendrick depending upon our taste it does not matter as long as our heart and attitude are right and we are honouring God At a recent meeting with good praise […]

Amazing Grace

David Murrow (author of ‘Why Men Hate Going To Church’) has discovered a church that has taken on the challenge of appealing to men with amazing results. Grace United Methodist learned how to grow again – without abandoning its traditions. You won’t find a drum set in this church – but you will find men. […]

God Made Coffee

Dallas Willard was speaking at our Sunday meeting recently and proclaimed “God made coffee” (among other things).  He was challenging us to remember to thank God for the many good things we are surrounded by and try and to start the day by blessing something of the amazing world we live in. It is a […]

Turn It Down

I want to turn some attention to men and worship culture, writing from the perspective of one who is in the arena and not carping from the sidelines. I do have things to say but all my comments and thoughts come from a passion to see blokes not only become full on followers of Jesus […]