Author: Simon Ash

Love Zim

LoveZim International prayer day for Zimbabwe 26th September 2010 An exciting thing is happening in Zimbabwe.  There is a move on to redeem the broken land that was once called the ‘breadbasket’ of Africa.  Zimbabwe is rich in resources but has become a place of poverty, hunger and dependency.  A move is afoot to bring […]

Becoming A Dad

At about 4am this morning I was trying to comfort my five month year old son who was teething. Despite the circumstance I was shocked at how normal it actually seemed and how life had changed so much and so quickly since his arrival. Despite being from a relatively large and comparatively happy family I […]

God Made Coffee

Dallas Willard was speaking at our Sunday meeting recently and proclaimed “God made coffee” (among other things).  He was challenging us to remember to thank God for the many good things we are surrounded by and try and to start the day by blessing something of the amazing world we live in. It is a […]