Love Zim

LoveZim International prayer day for Zimbabwe 26th September 2010

An exciting thing is happening in Zimbabwe.  There is a move on to redeem the broken land that was once called the ‘breadbasket’ of Africa.  Zimbabwe is rich in resources but has become a place of poverty, hunger and dependency.  A move is afoot to bring profitability, health and sustainability to the people of Zim.

For some time Foundations for Farming have been teaching simple, sustainable and effective farming techniques that have been increasing harvests and transforming communities in Africa.  Their track record has led to partnerships with organisations such as Tearfund, the Evangelical Alliance, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and African Enterprise.  Now the government in Zimbabwe is taking notice and the partnership have been given the opportunity to enpower farmers across the nation over the next five years.  The initive will not only equip people to feed themselves, but it also has the potential to reinvigorate the economy and bring real hope to a nation that is in desperate need of redemption.

Momentum is growing around the world to support this amazing opportunity and on the 26th of September there is going to be a day of prayer where people internationally will be able to join hands and make a difference to Zimbabwe.  We at ChristChurch London will be praying with brothers and sisters around the world on that day.  Please do join us in intercession, wherever you are, and if you want to know more then do check out the website: or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

God can transform a nation.  Through prayer we have the opportunity to be involved.