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Godly Moments

Some time ago I heard Nicky Gumbel talking about the fact there were only 6 people in Saint Pauls on Easter Sunday 1740! Then God raised up two anointed evangelists, Wesley and Whitfield, and thousands came to faith. Throughout history there have been times of renewal and revival – godly moments when the Lords peoples […]


The emergency is real and vital; there is no time to waste. The EPRIB IS ACTIVATED. EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. An EPIRB is meant to help rescuers locate you in an emergency situation, and these radios have saved many lives since their creation in the 1970s. Boaters are the main users […]


So just the other day I managed to scrape our immaculate 33 year old VW camper van (re-sprayed 18 months ago) down the driver’s side, pulling off the rear wheel arch in the process. The van came off worse in the contest with the rear bumper (or in fact solid steel tube) of a large […]