Godly Moments

Some time ago I heard Nicky Gumbel talking about the fact there were only 6 people in Saint Pauls on Easter Sunday 1740! Then God raised up two anointed evangelists, Wesley and Whitfield, and thousands came to faith. Throughout history there have been times of renewal and revival – godly moments when the Lords peoples prayers have been answered. During this time it is good to remember the Lord always has His moment when He intervenes. He sends someone who is anointed for the task.

When Jesus started His ministry after 30 years, He says in Mark’s gospel, “the time has come” God’s timing is always at the right moment. Moses had to wait 40 years before his call to lead Israel out of Egypt was fulfilled and David waited 20 years before he was king of all 12 tribes.

In psalm 42 the psalmist longs for God’s presence..

“Just like the deer pants for streams of water so my soul pants for you, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, the living God”...

He had a sense of separation from the Temple and the presence of God and longed for his separation to finish. One of the wonderful things from New Testament revelation is that each Christian is blessed with God’s presence but there is nothing like meeting together to sing His praises and to rejoice together as His Bride.

So, the moment is coming hopefully sometime next year when this becomes a reality and we will also have a moment soon to share with others the good news of Jesus. Will we see a turning to the Lord? Will some anointed evangelist start to see many responding to the message of Jesus? I have an assurance as I’m sure you have also that people are becoming more receptive to the Gospel. 

For many years I have prayed for revival and although I have had the joy of seeing people turn to Jesus and find him, I have never experienced revival. I have just seen from time to time a small number of people responding. One of my Baptist pastor’s favourite sayings was “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity! In 2 Chronicles 7,13-14 the Lord wants His people to respond to plagues with humility and prayer. The humility comes before the prayer – so if you have been broken throughout this time it may be that your prayers are the ones that will bring about a move of the Holy Spirit as God’s heart is synchronised with yours. 

Image Credit: Edwin Andrade