Author: Greg Walton

Blind Spots

Some years ago a pharmacist explained that one of the common mistakes made by trainee pharmacists was to cover the braille on the glass with the prescription label! Hence blind people who relied on the braille could not read the prescription – which may have been wrong!  We are all guilty at times of failing to see […]

Words, Words, Words

Back in March the Royal family was stunned by words which caused them much anxiety. Relationships have at best been strained and the Queen has used some words to bring about healing and hopefully reconciliation – “…Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members”. The Christian family from time to time has also […]

Godly Moments

Some time ago I heard Nicky Gumbel talking about the fact there were only 6 people in Saint Pauls on Easter Sunday 1740! Then God raised up two anointed evangelists, Wesley and Whitfield, and thousands came to faith. Throughout history there have been times of renewal and revival – godly moments when the Lords peoples […]