Confessions of a Personal Trainer #5

“It’s Numbing Nonsense”

The house is quiet, little man is at Nursery and my wife is meeting friends. I have spent all morning watching Formula 1 “Drive to Survive”. I got in the car to head to the shop to get comfort food to binge eat and numb myself further with more T.V. As I got near the shop, I felt a buzz of excitement of what to buy, and thoughts of food hitting my lips got me feeling that rush and satisfaction. The more I thought the more I wanted, but then I had a flash of me and how I felt mentally, emotionally and looked. I do not like this feeling and whispered a prayer. I gained strength and passed the turning and drove back home speaking to myself “What is the point, I don’t get any satisfaction from that anymore, and really never did!”

I want to change, and it is time to do that from the inside out, for myself, my family, friends and the ‘Faith within fitness’ community. To show that there is real hope, joy and true love in a life of 3-Dimensional wellbeing. For many years I have been trying to do this on my own, and in my own strength, but now I need to gain strength. I am doing that by letting others truly into my life and accepting I do not have to do this on my own. Also, I am being still, praying and listening to the One who gave me life.

Yes, Jesus is real, he is not just in stories the bible, there are many other documented non-Christian books that talk of him. Knowing that this life is so short, and we can choose to spend eternity in His presence, the choice is mine as to whether we follow him or not. He gave me free will to choose because that is true love. Are things going to be always great and perfect? No! I am the first one to admit this, as you know by reading the other BLOGS I have not been in a good place. Seeing Jesus working and changing my wife is a testimony of Life. When we work together on our relationship, not just with each other but with Him, we do find real peace and wellbeing.  

Ok no more religious talk. When I first became a Christian 11 years ago, I remember that when people spoke to me about faith I could only take so much. It is like trying to do 1000 burpees in a row when you have never done burpees before, it will scare you off and you will never come back. What I am trying to put across is that there is more to life than just numbing it with personal pacifiers. Is life all about training looking good with a ripped body, NO! Even though we need a healthy body “These bodies, this exterior doesn’t make us who we are!” This is what I am learning and unwrapping within my psychotherapy sessions. So, if you are not happy with looking at your reflection in a mirror then look for the truths within, not at the lies whirling around in your head … to be continued.

This month’s workout is all about core, flexibility, and mobility. Check out other workout videos on my YouTube Channel below:

S2S Pilates Core Express (27 minutes)

Keep the Faith, Coach Spencer …