The best comeback in history

There are some great commentators out there who have this wonderful skill of making words work for them when commentating on sporting events. How they do it I don’t know. Why not give it a try, turn the volume down on the telly and have a go at commentating … The question is, if you were brave enough to have a go, was anybody watching (or listening!) at the time – and having a good giggle?

I watched a documentary on television about Tyson Fury. Now I am not a lover of boxing in any shape or form, I find it hard to watch two people deliberately setting out to do so much damage to each another. Nonetheless it got me thinking, you see this particular fight had been rated by all the sports pages – a has-been was returning to the ring. On commentary at the end of the fight the commentator rated it, ‘as the best comeback in history.

Was it?

That got me thinking. What is the best comeback in history?

Man United winning against Bayern Munich with a last gasp goal from Solskjaer 

The Ryder Cup: 2012 – Medinah Country Club, Europe beating the Americans on home soil.

I’m going to pause here because I would suggest that there are quite a few ‘best comebacks’, probably too many to count. Each of us will have a favourite.

I have my own thoughts on this matter, but wondered if you have a ‘best comeback moment’?

I have two greatest comeback events which are not sport related.

  1. Lying on my hospital bed waiting for a new replacement aortic valve a nurse came into my room to take my blood pressure. She attached my left arm to the monitor and switched it on, the machine read – no blood pressure. So now trying the right arm, again there was no blood pressure. She left the room to return with a big machine on wheels, just the job, no messing now, right arm, left arm, and still no blood pressure. Leaving the room she returned a few moments later with a doctor. A cheery soul who knew how to work the equipment. I had overheard the nurse saying to the doctor before they came into the room that both monitors were working perfectly but and she was unable find a pulse. I have to say that didn’t sound good; maybe I wasn’t alive anymore and they were angels!

But I was lying there alive and sort of well; and overhearing their conversation.

So anyway a new set of tests were put into place. First the left arm, no, then the right arm, no, a quick look to see if I was awake and another attempt is being undertaken. Hooray the monitors have finally woken up and I have a pulse. You can imagine how relieved I felt. I did my best to cheer up the nurse and the doctor as they had done their best, I wanted to affirm them in a convincing way that I really was with them, alive and kinda well! To me at that time: the ‘best comeback in the world’.

  • The resurrection of Jesus. Overcoming death via a cruel Roman execution, taking on board  all of my sin and in fact the sin of each and every one of us ranks at the top of my list. 

Definitely the best comeback in history.