Couch to 10K and beyond

So I have decided to set myself a physical challenge, to compete in a half Iron Man, it is called the Gauntlet, and from the moment I had the idea my body is telling me this was a stupid idea.

The Gauntlet is a 1.9km open water swim race, then a 90km bike race then a 21km run. If I am being honest here, I can do all these things, swim, ride and run but in very short bursts of explosive power. Basically what I am saying is that I am so far from being ‘race ready’ the whole idea is laughable. But I am going to have a go.

I downloaded an app as you do, watched videos and started the normal process of psyching myself up for the physical and mental challenge of getting up from sitting in front of the TV with my real Ale to put my running gear on. It’s a start.

The point in all this is I am up and having a go, and my app gives me motivational messages as I am hitting the pain barriers to fitness, you know, the normal things; It’s cold out, TV’s good tonight, I deserve a night off, I’m in my PJ’s now etc.

The last message I received read: ‘Keep going, you are doing more than the bloke sitting on the sofa’ the point is a good one, and it is true. I might be slow, and look like a bloke trying to run with stones in his shoes, but I am having a go and not the bloke watching the world go by whist sitting on the sofa.

The same is true about how passionate I am about sharing my faith. About investing in my kids understanding of Jesus. About spending time with Jesus in prayer. About being the best husband I can be. You can sit back on the sofa and do nothing, which is sometimes good don’t hear me wrong here! Or you can do something, and my challenge is simple seek first the kingdom of God, let your something make a difference for eternity!

I don’t want to be a bloke who is sitting on the sofa watching the world go by, I want to have a go and use my faith in Jesus to shape what that ‘having a go’ will look like. Perhaps an easy start is to be a motivator, to encourage, build up, congratulate and cheer each other on. We can see all around us how easy it is to criticise, judge negatively and pull each other down. So if you see a bloke running that really doesn’t look like he has a clue what he is doing, cheer him on, I would appreciate it!

Image Credit: Joshua Sortino