Making the Man (Part I)

making-the-man#1 Lack of physical fitness

Kurt Hahn and his 6 social ills that plague young men in society had this listed and for good reason. At CVM we encourage all our team to join the gym and cultivate a discipline of physical exercise at some level.

We are not all body builders and professional dead lift champions, in fact none of us are, but we are keeping ourselves fit and strong physically to run with faith and endurance in this spiritual fight as best we can.

A quick bit of research shows that, not enough time, tiredness and family commitments are the top 3 reasons given by men for not exercising. Personally I think something sits above all these reasons and it’s the lack of motivation. If we really have the motivation for something we find the time to make it happen.

I’m training for a half Iron man triathlon, I would say I am busy with all 3 listed above but the truth is, I’m not yet really motivated for it! I love gaming and eating cake and you can be guaranteed motivation is not a problem there as I can always find time in the day to fit that in!

So perhaps if we are honest it comes down to us not really being that bothered to get some form of regular physical fitness in? Now you might be a bloke who runs every day and this is just not a problem, cool. But if you are fitting in here then you’re not alone.

The apostle Paul talks about physical exercise being of some value but should never take precedence over spiritual training, ie: prayer, studying your bible and time with other Christians, but physical fitness is still in there somehow! (1 Timothy 4:8)

For me, I want to be a man who looks after his body, fit and free from addictions, which is what our CODE talks about. If I am talking to others about self-control and spiritual disciplines but my private eating and drinking is out of control then something is not lining up. As a band of brothers we can encourage physical fitness to be part of the DNA of Christian men who are able to fight with fit bodies, minds and hearts. We celebrate the energy, bodies and abilities God has given us, so lets keep them fit and strong for the fight ahead.

Who knows, we might even find that our lives are being watched by a younger generation of men working out what matters to them and their faith! Can we model Christian manhood that incorporates the importance of physical fitness as well as making sure you’re in church every Sunday? Would it be ok to take a group of younger men out running one Sunday morning instead of being in the church building? Running, setting goals then sharing Jesus at the top of a hill you’ve conquered together? Just ideas…….