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Making the Man (Part VI)

#6 Decline of compassion I remember being in Brazil and chatting to a wealthy Christian friend of mine and asked him about the poverty all around us. In the region of Brazil where I was living you couldn’t go out without being pressed right up against abject poverty and misery all around you. People begging, […]

Making the Man (Part V)

#5 Decline of self-discipline As you might expect from Proverbs in the Bible, is this wisdom about self-control and discipline: ‘A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.’ Proverbs 25:28 Cities of that day had just about all their defense in the walls, you just need to read up […]

Making the Man (Part IV)

 #4 Decline of craftsmanship In 2014 the National Audit office suggested that for every £1 spent of public money towards apprenticeships the economy gained £18. My guess would be that equipping, training and developing people with a skill/trade is a good way to secure them work. When I worked in Brazil at a drug rehabilitation […]

Making the Man (Part III)

#3 Decline of imagination So I am 36 (and a half) and would still argue that I fit into a generation that operated a ‘free roaming’ adventure and imagination. We went out on a Saturday afternoons and explored the woods with catapults and Swiss Army knives creating imaginary enemies and setting traps and dens to […]

Making the Man (Part II)

#2 Initiative and enterprise So whilst this would perhaps be more situated on your CV when you’re applying for a job the question is; what’s this sort of thing got to do with a blog to Christian men? At CVM we have partnered with us loads of men’s groups and guys on the ground that […]

Making the Man (Part I)

#1 Lack of physical fitness Kurt Hahn and his 6 social ills that plague young men in society had this listed and for good reason. At CVM we encourage all our team to join the gym and cultivate a discipline of physical exercise at some level. We are not all body builders and professional dead […]

Making the Man: Intro

So you may have seen recently a news item about a man called Kurt Hahn. Hahn was reported to have been pivotal in the education of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. In addition to this Hahn has also been indicated as an instrumental influence in the formation of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. […]