It’s Time For The Rugby, Boys…

As I write this blog I have literally just arrived home from a trip to South Wales. Over the past weekend I have met up with guys who have a heart to reach their mates for Jesus and I spoke at a men’s breakfast where 60+ guys came along to simply hang out with each other. The crowd of guys at this breakfast was made up of men who are raw, vulnerable, generous and properly passionate—has it not always been this way, ever since Jesus chose his first 12 disciples?

I really believe that we sometimes underestimate the resource that we have. This movement of men, all committed to their local churches, inspired by God and each other and promoting the vision of CVM right across the UK is genuinely an unstoppable force!


Because we are carried on the wings of God himself and He has amazing plans for all the home nations. 

Last Saturday saw the start of my favourite time of year—the Six Nations Tournament. I get so excited every year on the opening weekend, I cannot describe it. Being a Welshman, and so passionately supporting the Welsh team always provides a mixture of emotions. I get the highs and I get the lows. One year we will go on a roll, and end up becoming Grand Slam Winners, another year we will be grateful that both Scotland and Italy are still part of this great tournament or we might struggle to get a win at all (sorry to any Scots or Italians out there, I am only joking).

Isn’t this the epitome of every sport though ? No matter who you support there is always a mixture of pure joy but also utter disappointment. There are the highs and there are the lows.

When Saturday 14th March comes round, all eyes in Wales will be focussed on the Principality in the hope that we beat Scotland to retain the Six Nations Championship, the Triple Crown and the title of Grand Slam Champions.

But right now I am very hopeful but I am not 100% sure that this will happen.

So, back to this unstoppable movement of men, some of whom were at the breakfast in South Wales. I am 100% sure that we are unstoppable, I am 100% sure that we will see the home nations turned back to Jesus. I am 100% that nothing can stop the plans that God has for every one of us, both collectively as a movement of men but also individually as sons of the King.

In sport some of us will always be elated, and some of us will always be disappointed but everyone of us will at some point experience both of these emotions. In life, we will get to experience some joys, some amazing moments but we will also experience much pain and  loss.

Yet when we choose to follow Jesus and accept him as our Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend ultimately we will all be on the winning side, and we will  get the opportunity to rescue many of our mates along the way. 

Let me leave you with two Bible verses that I read frequenty. They help re-orientate my path and they keep my focus exactly where it needs to be:

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.

Matthew 16:18

Whatever happens in the Six Nations, I know I will enjoy the tournament. It is, for me, the best sporting event of the year. But, when I look across the room at a bunch of men who have got up early on a Saturday morning simply because they want to be part of a movement of men who are destined to change the world forever in the Name of Jesus—then I am inspired beyond my wildest dreams!

Ultimately, there is only one winning team and Jesus has always been the Captain!