The Uncommon Agreement

God and Satan had one thought in common; Jesus had to die! 

This may seem to be a strange thing to say but on face value it carries much truth.

Of course the rationale for this statement collides as different agenda are being declared.

The Cross became the accumulation of all the planning and scheming that had taken place over many decades. Men’s souls, minds and spirits had been invaded, no longer was there clarity in understanding how to live under the kingdom rule of God. We wanted to and chose to rule under our own crowns. 

There is no room for a usurper.

No room for cross party talks. No room for new thinking, the battle plans had been drawn up and at the centre of this maelstrom the annihilation of the opposition would take place. Satan and his followers would have their day. Jesus would die. Mankind and Satan agreed that this would happen and the cross was the means to publicly demonstrate the supreme outcome of mankind’s achievement. 

Man would live under his own crown; with a little help from Satan. 

When the silence was punctured by the cry:

“My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”  (Matt 27:46 NIV). The white flag of surrender had been raised. 

There was one ray of light on this battle ground, a cry from the cross; just when all the planning and scheming came together Jesus asked God to forgive everyone. 

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke24:34 NIV)

That wasn’t meant to be in the script. From a dying man; asking for the forgiveness of others to a God who agreed he needed to die? 

The dust has never settled on this. It seemed to be all over, after all death by crucifixion was a Roman speciality, you were crucified and stayed on the cross until death and often long after death. And this is why the dust hasn’t settled. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t die, he really was as dead as dead could be, but that he came back to life. Yes that’s right he came back to life; against all odds Jesus overcame all that the cross and mankind could throw at him and he came back to life. It’s staggering and it overwhelmed those who witnessed it. We should not forget that Jesus committed his life into the hands of God. And at this point the ‘uncommon agreement’ fell to bits for God saw that it was through Jesus that mankind (mankind is you and me) would find their rightful place under his kingship.

Jesus cried, but not in pain and frustration, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” (Luke 23:46) When Jesus made this commitment he was saying to God, ‘I trust you.’

What Jesus accomplished challenged, and continues to challenge any contest where death is victor. He proved that there is life after death. That the battle won was the battle of redemption over death. He had not been under the influence of Satan; He had not surrendered his crown to the evil one. No amount of coercion could persuade him that he could live and rule without God. Our sin, that desire to live without God, which is part of our being, makes it easy for Satan to win all battles, wars and contests. But Satan could not take advantage of the final conflict; the resurrection of Jesus. The uncommon agreement had two clear outcomes. Jesus who remains alive and has promised us life in all its abundance is the victor. Satan as always got it wrong.

Picture by ademkader,