Happy on the bench?

I was sitting watching the football on the TV during a very rare night off and as the camera panned round to the dugout, there sat members of the coaching staff, management, medical team and substitute players.

The commentator singled out one of the players (whose name is irrelevant to this story), and said, “Surely he’s not happy just sitting on the bench”.

This took me back to my football playing days…yes, I can remember back that far…when at the age of 14 I was selected to train with my hometown club, Leicester City, in its youth set-up.

It was great because instead of double maths on a Monday afternoon, I was kicking a ball around with the likes of Gary Lineker, who you may have heard of!

Anyway, after several missed maths lessons, I was selected in the squad to play against the youth team from Bristol City.

When the starting eleven were named and published I found that I was a substitute and therefore confined to the bench until such time as it was deemed necessary for me to show off my skills!

Anyway, I was delighted even just to make the bench!

However, as the match progressed it was apparent that I was not going to get a ‘run out’, and I grew more and more frustrated at my lack of playing time.  After all, I had trained (and missed my maths) for several months…for what?

So as I sat there watching the match with my small beer and packet of chicken flavoured crisps, it got me thinking…are we as Christian men happy to just sit on the bench?

Or do we yearn for the thrill of the game where we can use those skills and gifts which we have so been graciously given by God?

I don’t know about you fellas, but I want to be out on that field and I want much more than that too; I want to score that goal which wins!!

Are you happy just to sit on the bench and watch your team-mates, or do you want to join them and get stuck in?

I know what I’d rather do………….

Photo by Amine Rock Hoovr on Unsplash