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Happy on the bench?

I was sitting watching the football on the TV during a very rare night off and as the camera panned round to the dugout, there sat members of the coaching staff, management, medical team and substitute players. The commentator singled out one of the players (whose name is irrelevant to this story), and said, “Surely he’s […]

Hoping for Victory

Embed from Getty Images I remember listening to the radio as Manchester United beat Bayern Munich in extra time to win the 1999 Champions League final. There’s something slightly magical about listening to a game, having to rely on the commentators description of the events unfolding before their eyes, reconstructing it in my mind. Perhaps […]

5 Aside Fury

You want to see me angry? Come and watch me play 5aside. It might not happen every week but come a few weeks in a row and sure enough the incredible sulk will appear. The source of my anger? Me. Although if you are participating you might think my childish strops are directed at others. […]