Dodge Vipers

I recently went to a pageant of power – a day of bikes, cars, planes and boats, it was awesome. As we walked around the paddock of show cars, I thought that the way all this stuff had been preserved was amazing, the money spent was incredible.

As each car hit the track people went running to catch a glimpse of their favourite sports car or classic, fire spitting, race tuned F1 car.

I love this stuff, the smell of burnt fuel and tyres, the noise, it just connects with me. I remember being at a wedding and the bride and bridegroom arrived in a Dodge Viper, blue with white go faster stripes, brilliant. Everyone cheered and they pulled up and went into the rest of the ceremony, I was all over the car.

The guy who owned it was there, and I did the normal noises- pointing at all the shinny bits and gasping at the engine bay. What amazed me wasn’t that this guy started to tell me about the car, and how it was his dream to own one, but what it cost him to get it.

He had re-mortgaged his house, his wife had spiralled into depression and the marriage, as he explained, was not going well, but he had made it! I stood amazed.

We won’t all be experiencing this sort of thing, but our lives can quickly be about what our treasure is, the house, the new car, the holidays, the clothing or watches. All great stuff, but when it’s your treasure your heart will be locked up in it.

Jesus talks about treasure, that where our treasure is,that’s where our hearts will be too. (Matthew 6:21) Our devotion, our time, our focus, our priorities, our energies, our thoughts, our identity.

What does that look like for you?

Image credit: Photo by Netsnake / CC BY 2.0