So I have this app on my phone that I love using, it shows me any car for sale, spec, price, photos the lot. Recently I have been setting a budget and seeing what I can find, the trouble is I have a few requirements.

I want something fast, let’s just put that out there right away. I don’t like top speed but mind boggling, eye popping acceleration is something I do like. The problem is I want this acceleration but I am also trying to find economy. I would like a sporty looking interior but I want a seat that feels like an arm chair. I want exceptional cornering ability but I don’t want to feel like I am in a car with wooden wheels and bouncing over every bump in the road.

When we talk about Jesus – He has new life waiting for you, He died on the cross, paying the price for our sin and now we can go free because of him! That is amazing. Jesus defeated death and being raised to life again means you can be confident in facing death that it’s not the end, you go on! WOW!

Now here’s the rub, this is a bit like me wanting the fast car, the sporty interior and the fast cornering – those are the good bits. What I have started to realise is that I often want the crown but don’t want the cost, I want the good but the tough bits I want to ignore. Following Jesus will, at times, take me to the wire – my faith, trust and obedience will all be impacted when Jesus my captain takes the driving seat in my life.

Go and take a look at Luke 9:23…

Image Credit: Ryan Pouncy