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Amazing Grace

David Murrow (author of ‘Why Men Hate Going To Church’) has discovered a church that has taken on the challenge of appealing to men with amazing results. Grace United Methodist learned how to grow again – without abandoning its traditions. You won’t find a drum set in this church – but you will find men. […]


Nuts, a basically pornographic magazine has seen its circulation fall by 22.5%.  Zoo has fallen by 32.1% and FHM by 19.2%. Good riddance.  You’re going down fast and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m sick and tired of seeing these “things” on the shelves of our newsagents.  I can feel the anger rising up every time […]

Hope in the Bigger Picture

Being an Internet Movie Database addict, Star Wars geek and owner of many movie themed t-shirts, I often watch ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ on one of those (mostly) pointless sky channels. It features a Hollywood star being interviewed and always ends with them being asked the same six or seven quirky and often insightful questions. In a recent episode, […]

God With You

As you may know, I have two daughters Emily and Annie. When Karen was pregnant we spent months thinking about what we would call them – obviously there were a few names we had to avoid with Beech as a surname! (Please don’t email in with suggestions such as “Sandy”!) Jesus’ parents didn’t have to […]

Talking Truth

So here’s a story. Two guys … let’s call ’em Bert an Ernie. They’ve been friends for years, meet up regularly most weeks at the bar and chat about other people, work situations and sports. Ernie has always been pretty open and honest about stuff that’s been going on and always asks Bert about his […]