Author: Ben Oliver

Hope in the Bigger Picture

Being an Internet Movie Database addict, Star Wars geek and owner of many movie themed t-shirts, I often watch ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ on one of those (mostly) pointless sky channels. It features a Hollywood star being interviewed and always ends with them being asked the same six or seven quirky and often insightful questions. In a recent episode, […]

Grace on Concrete

There’s always a scrap or two taking place at break-time; I’m sure it’s one of hundreds if not thousands of schools where little fights between nine and ten-year olds break out amongst classmates. Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with the latest ongoing kerfuffle; are they playfighting or do I need to get myself over […]


It was only for an hour or so, and I was adamant that it would be productive. I really didn’t see a problem. I didn’t really need to be anywhere else. I get paid very little for what I do; nowhere near enough, frankly. The teachers look down on us teaching assistants if I’m being […]

Long Way Home

The Goonies, The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, Forrest Gump…these classics were just a few of the movie locations we researched ahead of our epic three month jaunt across the United States. My wife and I had specific instructions and detailed maps regarding exactly how to find the square in Georgia where Tom Hanks sat […]

Wait and See

The queue was huge and it didn’t seem to be going down at all. I knew I should have left five or even ten minutes earlier, I could have done without this. There were shelf stackers but there was only one person on the tills. That’s the problem with these express supermarkets – you know, […]