How good are we at listening?

How well do we listen to what God is saying to us, through His word, prayer or other people. So let us consider how we approach the Bible. Is it something we do prayerfully?

By approaching the Bible prayerfully we are saying to ourselves and God that we are giving Him our attention and wish to stay closely connected to Him, instead of the approach that often occurs when we rush in with so much on our minds that we are not able to focus on our Lord.

It is good to remember that when we ask God to speak through His word, it is not that He is reluctant to talk to us but that we have to take hold of His willingness to talk to us.
Once we have lowered our barriers we will find that He is willing to and has a great desire to bring alive His word to us.

The problem still is not that God doesn’t want to speak to us, but that we don’t listen well.

Let us consider that if we take a minute to pray before opening our bibles, we are telling God that we are ready for Him to speak to us and we are ready to listen.

This will be a discipline that has to put into practice; the need to pause and pray before we read God`s word.

It will be good to hear your experiences on this subject and also hear your practice so that we can encourage each other as we walk and share together, as a Band of Brothers, how God has spoken to us.

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