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Separation must be one of hardest things to endure for a husband and wife and family. They have to face situations , through war, being away for work, out of fellowship, divorce, going off to university, hospital stays etc.. We have seen two of our close friends face the hardest situation of death of a […]

Prove it to me …

‘Prove to me that God exists’, a bloke I was chatting to at a bar said to me. I was drinking a lime alcopop that I’d been given on the house. It was disgusting, and my cheeks were cowering inwards by the second. Whilst my drink was uncommon and grotesque, his request was not. One […]

Wait and See

The queue was huge and it didn’t seem to be going down at all. I knew I should have left five or even ten minutes earlier, I could have done without this. There were shelf stackers but there was only one person on the tills. That’s the problem with these express supermarkets – you know, […]


A Christian and a Muslim were walking down the road. Sounds like the start of a bad joke doesn’t it? In fact, this was last Sunday. My newly met Muslim friend genuinely wanted to know whether she would be “allowed” to come to church with me. I’d not really noticed the headscarf. Looking back, I […]