Showing the World Cup on the Big Screen

Lots of guys have been calling and writing in asking about how to show the World Cup on a big screen. It turns out that it’s not quite as straight forward as gathering a group of guys, setting up a projector and settling down for a couple of hours of tension …

Below are a couple of helpful pointers that you may want to take into consideration for showing any games.


FIFA require all Public Viewing Events to have a license (forget that if you haven’t got one – the deadline was weeks ago). So the question is, what exactly is a Public Viewing Event?

“Public Viewing Event: An event is considered a “Public Viewing Event” it at such event broadcast coverage of the Competition is made available for exhibition to, and viewing by, an audience (whether members of the general public or otherwise) in any place other than a private dwelling, including at cinemas, bars, restaurants, stadia, open spaces, offices, construction sites, oil rigs, water borne vessels, buses, trains, armed services establishments, educational establishments and hospitals.”
Section 1.2 FIFA Regulations Commercial Public Viewing Events


Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) have a link to a PDF that covers broadcasting the World Cup on their homepage.