We All Need An Adventure

Years of working with children, then youth, and now young (and not-so-young) adults has led me to a conclusion:

We All Need An Adventure.

An adventure of risk, an adventure of faith, an adventure of learning, an adventure of experience, and an adventure that will shape us for a lifetime. So many of us have lives of ease and shallow living that we need a deep-dive into relationship, responsibility, and life. We need an event in our lives that will be an initiation into adulthood, something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.

For me, that initiation was war: Surviving two deployments to Iraq shaped my thinking for the rest of my life and kick-started my passion and ethos to see men and women come alive by living life outside of their comfort zone. Blood, guts, and brotherhood.  Fight for something (or someONE) worth dying for.

For our ancestors, initiation was a rite of passage: Getting married early, and for life; hunting for food; building a home with their own hands; responsibility of protecting their family; or even physical scarring.

For most of us today: we have nothing. We have nothing that opens our eyes to the world past our computer screens and car dashboards. Nothing that pressures us into the responsibility of having other people’s lives in our hands. Nothing that teaches us to serve others with our whole hearts and commit to honest community.

So with the help of a great team, we’ve established Global Adventure.

The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

The mission of Global Adventure is two-fold:

  • To plant the Kingdom of God where it doesn’t exist and to minister to the needs of lost & hurting people around the world.
  • To give young adults an adventurous opportunity to see that there are needs in the world and that they have Christ-given authority and power to bring change.

The Global Adventure is an around-the-world mission to plant churches and develop men and women who are ready to make a change in this world. Our first trip leaves January 2013 from London and will take our first intrepid explorers to North America, South America, Australia/NZ, South East Asia, Africa, and finally Spain. Each stop will have a mission to serve and to learn. To serve communities struggling in the face of natural disaster or spiritual oppression, and to learn more about topics such as discipling, social justice, evangelism, community, and leadership. In Africa, we will spend two to three months first learning culture and language, then serving a community, and in partnership with a local pastor, plant a new church.

  • Need life experience? Loads.
  • Want to re-connect with real-life people? Spend 7 months with the same 12 people and you’ll learn about community and yourself in ways you never imagined
  • Crave some adventure and fun? At each destination, there will be adventure challenges to complete with your mates.
  • Looking for on-the-job leadership development? How about learning from experienced missionaries, pastors, leaders, and teachers as you work on projects around the world?
  • Seeking something you’ve been missing? The Global Adventure might be it.

To Parents, Leaders, Teachers, Mentors…

This is internship to nth power. We’ve specifically modeled Global Adventure to prepare young adults for a lifetime of leadership, service, and initiative. Our goal is to send each participant back home with the tools and experience needed to bring Christ to their village and city just as they brought it to the Andes Mountains, Cambodian jungles, or African bush.

If any of this has resonated with you, check out our website at www.GLOBAL-ADVENTURE.org and get in touch with our team.