What God asks of a man

A man once asked God, “What can I do for you, Lord?”

God replied, “Well, thanks very much, son, but I have been doing alright without you up to now! What you can do, though, is act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before me!”

Many Christian men have been called to situations that are difficult, others to those that are blessed. One man may have toiled for years with little gain – another may have seen wonderful miracles. Who, in these instances, is the better Christian man?

Neither, so long as both follow God’s instruction. No matter what the external circumstances men are called simply to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God. Sometimes that is made hard and a real struggle by the situations around us. At other times it is a wonderful and enriching experience as we see lives changed.

But it is not always easy to follow these instructions. Men like to lead, to be full of ideas, to be initiators and to be forging ahead. Perhaps it is the challenge of surrendering to God’s will that makes us uncomfortable with “walking humbly”?

May we all listen to our hearts and ask God to guide us. May he either give us the courage, resolve and inspiration to remain in our places of trial and struggle or a clear sign as to where he wants to lead us in the future.