Respect Your Elders

So, today the plumber came round (and no he wasn’t late). He arrives, asks me what the problem is and proceeds to crack open the boiler and begins taking bits out and turning the taps on and off. I had no idea whether what he was doing was right really … or wrong for that matter. However, his experience far exceeds mine in the area of heating and plumbing. This set my cogs in motion … (always dangerous).

Isn’t it funny how as a young (or perhaps youngER, bearing in mind I am only 22) guy, I would often write-off the opinions of those older than me as they seemed outdated or “old and stuffy”. Yet now that I am (if only slightly) older I can appreciate that I know next to nothing about the things of life … especially the spiritual things. Having only been a Christian for five years, in some situations I probably talk or act rather over-confidently or become frustrated far too quickly with the proposed wisdom of those who are much older and wiser and definitely far more mature in their faith than me.

This isn’t right really and is probably rooted in impatience, arrogance and pride; or any of the above … cue the alarm bells. As I grow in my faith, as I ‘get older’ as a Christian I have discovered more of God’s character, I have read much more of the Bible, experienced the tensions and wrestled with the Doctrines of the Church; all of this has taken time and I could not have learnt it any other way. Christianity is not just a belief system it is a way of life and the only way you can truly develop and experience it fully is by living it.

This should not dissuade young people or young adults from continuing their involvement in the activities and planning of things we feel passionate about however. Our youth and enthusiasm if properly channeled by good, wise leadership and oversight into the realms of kingdom building work, will mean we are able to carry out God’s will in powerful ways that perhaps are beyond the physical limits of our more mature Christian brothers and sisters.

So lets give the old boys (and girls) a little more credit, they probably know a little more about the world than we young whippets do … but, lets not lose our zeal for God and keep pushing forward for the kingdom and making things happen.