Author: Dazz Jones

Talking Truth

So here’s a story. Two guys … let’s call ’em Bert an Ernie. They’ve been friends for years, meet up regularly most weeks at the bar and chat about other people, work situations and sports. Ernie has always been pretty open and honest about stuff that’s been going on and always asks Bert about his […]

I’m an Alien

How do you balance leading a Holy and pure Christian life and getting involved in the things of this world? Well … my dad always says (Good Ol’ Dad): “You can’t cross a river without getting your feet wet” But I would like to add (hopefully this is part of my legacy): “You can’t cross […]

I Am Small

So the other day (Monday) before lunch, as we do every week, at my bible college we spent 15 mins praying for graduates of the college. Each one of us sitting around our various tables may pray for one or two people and read from information collected on sheets that are given around from folders. […]