Four Ways to Use our Shields

Here is a strong opinion on men from Dave Hearn, the leader of Global Adventure. Feel free to comment …

As men, we must begin to step into our roles as Men of God to lead our families, our wives, our communities, our churches, our businesses, and our small groups to a greater relationship with Christ and greater relationships with each other.

Do know the most formidable piece of kit in the Roman Legion? Maybe the catapult, ballista, javelin, or short sword? No, none of those–It was the shield, called the Scutum (I’ll give you a second to giggle). This shield was the most critical piece of equipment for the armies that secured the frontiers of the Roman Empire, from Britain to Egypt. The Legion’s prowess in battle didn’t come from advanced weaponry–it came from training, unity, and tactics. Its skill came from the formations of rows upon rows of strong, practically impenetrable shields.

Roman historian Suetonius recorded a story of one heroic centurion:

…with one eye gone, his thigh and shoulder wounded, and his shield bored through with arrows in a hundred and twenty places, he continued to guard the gate of a fortress put in his charge… he drove the enemy before him with the boss of his shield.

Man Up!

As Men of God, we have been given the role of shields and protectors of our families. After many battles, our shields may be “bored through” with the arrows of temptation, lies, and pain. But that’s what we’re here for, so that our families don’t have to take these arrows.

There are practical ways to be the shields, to stand firm, to deflect the arrows…

1. Protect Your Future Wife

For those of you who aren’t yet married, there are still ways to protect our future families. Pray for your wife and children daily. Yep, that’s right. The woman that you haven’t met and the children that aren’t even a twinkle in your eye yet? Pray for them. Pray for their safety and their as-yet-unfulfilled destinies.

Protect your future wife by keeping yourself pure… by not filling your mind with images of pornography that will twist your thoughts of sex. And protect her heart by not giving away yourself to women who aren’t your wife.

For those of you in relationships with what could be your future wife: keep your relationship safe and pure. Shield her by showing her that you will care for her and keep her safe, and treasure her heart and body.

2. Protect Your Wife

For those of us already married, protecting our wives is a daily battle. Protect her heart by serving her, loving her, and being a man of character. For some that may mean doing the dishes, for others, buy her flowers. For others, that may be lending a shoulder to cry on, or provide a compliment on her dress. For all of us, it means realizing that your wife is your first priority on this earth. Show her that you’ll love and protect her – she’ll return that love with respect, honor, and love.

You also protect your wife by protecting yourself – stay away from temptation, inappropriate relationships, immature living, and destructive habits. This is where our comrades-in-arms can help by being our accountability partners and sounding boards.

3. Protect Your Children

Protecting your children begins and ends with prayer. Pray in the morning, pray them to sleep, pray for their future, pray for their hearts. In between, we need to physically protect our children and protect their minds.

Protecting their minds means that we fill it with life and love more often than the junk that fills it everyday from outside stimuli, people, and media. Fill it with good memories, learning opportunities, hugs & kisses, and the Word of God.

It’s a harsh world out there, and there are predators and potential danger around every corner. While protecting our kids, we have to find the right balance of keeping our kids safe from harm without creating a bubble where they don’t grow and learn.

4. Protect Your Brothers

The strength of the Roman Legion also came from how well they worked together as a unit; how well they defended themselves and their brothers. So be the shield to the men around you as well. Be intentional and don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

Men, be the shield. Be the Protector. Your wife is waiting for you to step into this role, your children rely on you to protect their hearts and minds, your brothers are counting on you to protect their weak points.